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Welcome at the Flow Forward platform. This platform provides you all the knowledge, network and tools to start innovating with your stakeholders.

Under pressure

Due to increasing crowds, new challenges arise around water in urban areas all over Europe. Many (port)cities are faced with the task of finding innovative ways to ensure effective, safe and harmonious use of waterways / areas.

This also puts the current development and management approach under pressure. Long-term plans do not align with these rapid and unforeseen changes. Area users are becoming more assertive and are eager to contribute to supported solutions that address both the challenges in the area and the user's needs.

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Connected River

A New way to innovate

There is a need for new, participatory innovation approaches that can adapt flexibly to problems and opportunities. Innovation approaches where more value is created in less time and with a smaller budget: for the organization, its partners, and the users of rivers and waterways. Emerging digital solutions can play a crucial role in this regard. Adapting to these changes requires a transformation of organizations, in its role, assets, and people, as well as in collaboration with other organizations and users.

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In the Amsterdam IJ pilot area we use the platform to keep track on our progress and define our next steps. We are in close contact with the experts about how we can best put the tools into practice and how they can further improve these tools for the other areas.

Together with our partners, we are developing the Flow Forward approach

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